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Artist Statement

My recent body of work is a series of geometric drawings and paintings that stem from my on-going interest in Folk Art Quilts and pattern design. I borrow traditions from quilt making using improvisation, contrast, multiple patterns, and shifts in scale.   I incorporate colors, textures, and structures representative of my natural surroundings in South Florida.  The combination of translucent inks and watercolors with opaque gouache and acrylics, create movement, flow, contrast and continuity.  They are all finished with embroidery reminiscent of the traditional handwork they are all originally inspired by.


Born and raised in Queens, New York, I have been sewing and creating quilt pieces for over 20 years.   I’ve exhibited work in various venues in South Florida, including The Boca Art Museum, The Coral Gables Museum, 6th Street Container, Hollywood Art & Culture Center, Girls Club of Fort Lauderdale, and Turn-Based Press.  I've had the opportunity to do various residencies at The Deering Estate, the Artist in Residence in the Everglades (AIRIE), ArtCenter/South Florida, and The Studios of Key West. 

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